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Financial Education 


The Abilities Fund recognizes the importance of financial literacy, particularly for aspiring and existing business owners.  Furthermore, we realize that our clients possess varying levels of financial education, which is why we encourage all entrepreneurs to complete Money Smart, a training program from FDIC designed to assist adults with enhancing their financial skills and learning how to create positive banking relationships.  This online training module is easy to use—even if you have little or no banking experience—and will help advance your financial knowledge, develop your financial confidence, and assist you in using banking services more effectively. 


Money Smart takes you through the following ten courses:


Bank on It:  bank services introduction

Borrowing Basics:  credit introduction

Check It Out:  about checking accounts

Money Matters:  keeping track of your money

Pay Yourself First:  Importance of saving

Keep It Safe:  about consumer rights

To Your Credit:  how credit history affects you

Charge It Right:  how to effectively use a credit card

Loan To Own:  learning about borrowing before buying

Your Own Home:  about home ownership



We encourage you to complete the courses in order to improve your financial knowledge before moving forward with your business endeavors. 


Click here to access Money Smart in English.

Click here to access Money Smart in Spanish.

Click here to visit the FDIC Money Smart webpage.

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