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Welcome to Nebraska Self Employment Services!

Nebraska Self Employment Services (NSES) provides technical assistance and ongoing business support services exclusively to entrepreneurs with disabilities in Nebraska. 

NSES participants must be clients/consumers of Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Entrepreneurs who utilize NSES services come from across the state. Their businesses and business ideas are representative of broad and diverse individual backgrounds, abilities and skills.

Launched by The Abilities Fund in July of 2006, NSES has assisted more than 400 entrepreneurs with disabilities in Nebraska to explore and evaluate their business ideas. Additional services include assessment of feasibility, help with business plan development, plan for capitalization and ongoing support services.

NSES encourages profitability and sustainability by helping clients focus on planning with the goal of decreasing risk and increasing chances for success in business. 

If you are a consumer of Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation (NVR) and are interested in self employment as a vocational goal, please consult with your NVR counselor about a referral to NSES. 

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NSES Staff
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